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Our campsite is not a huge site, with endless queues, requiring security guards to enforce order and distances!

When you arrive at the Les Lavandes campsite in Darbres, you arrive in this very calm and peaceful place, in the center of this small village. The reception is next to the bar. It is me, Marie, the owner of the campsite who welcomes you. Or sometimes my husband, David. At the entrance to the bar, we installed a hydroalcoholic gel and wearing a mask is mandatory inside. The reception is immediately on the right. So you don’t even have to walk into the bar to check in. It’s very simple!

Concerning the sanitary block, there is the man’s part and the woman’s part well separated. It has closed cabins so it’s easy not to pass each other! It is sufficient to step into a cabin when there is no one else in sight in the hallway.

For the pool, again, it’s easy! The pool is so large that it would take more than 150 people in the water at the same time for the pool area to be closed! I can assure you that there will never be so many people in this pool at once. The swimming pool is reserved exclusively for people staying at the campsite.

Otherwise, we have set up disinfection and cleaning processes, both for the sanitary block, the pool area (deckchair, beach, etc.), games, cleaning of chalets, etc.

All employees must wear masks and are trained to avoid the risk of contracting the disease or transmitting it while working at the campsite.

Our goal is to respect government guidelines, to fight against the spread of the virus, to do everything to ensure that no one gets sick. But also to make your vacation as pleasant as possible and to make you forget all these hassles …